A View of the Canal

Starting at the University of Minnesota - Duluth, the survivors must battle their way through the lifeless zombie hordes on the campus, down the Hill and to the Lakewalk. After enjoying the coastal scenery, the original L4D crew must make it into the infamous Fitger's Complex and find their way through to Superior Street and into the Skywalk System. Once the DECC has been reached, all the cards are on the table for the massive Canal Park finale.

Throughout the halls and venues along the way, players will be treated to art and photography by artists from the area. The campaign also features the wondrous sounds of local bands—from Trampled by Turtles to The Moon is Down to Strictly Hammers and many more—lending their intensity to the chaos on the streets during Duluth's very own zombie apocalypse!

Dave M.

Level Design / Programming
Steam ID: fanumbike
Primary Mapper:
Act I: UMD
Act IV: Canalpark

Dave is the man behind Act 1: UMD and Act 4: Canal Park--look closely and you will see his subtle signatures. Advanced study in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming and Mathematics give him a knowledge base on par with top-level Technical Directors. Having discovered a fancy for Valve Hammer back in his high school days, he has put his experience to use in this culmination of years of labor. Cracking the secrets of advanced logic triggers and 3D mapping tricks, Dave's eye for details, tweaking and bug-crushing are invaluable.

Joe C.

Level Design / PR
Steam ID: yordictrack
Primary Mapper:
Act II: Fitgers
Act III: Skywalk

Having been a big LANner in the past and present, Joe has made several expansive and detailed maps based on familiar places for his friends to enjoy for years. Upon moving to Duluth a few years back, he got involved with the local music scene, playing in five different bands through the years as well as organizing the legendary Kurtfest with Dave. His experience with gameplay design plus years of bug-hunting will elevate the tension and keep players challenged and entertained.

Sullie J.

Script / Sound Editing

Master of obscure references and a Duluth native, Billy Wagness has long been known for his ability to infuse his projects with a sense of passion and a side of whimsy--and so it is an honor to have him writing and editing on the team. While the chaos ensues in the virtual world, you'll notice fragments of "civilized" society oozing from the airwaves as the last Duluth survivors try to understand and defeat this apocalypse... politely, of course. The Duluth inspiring spirit runs deep in this script--strange, stirring, and side-splitting. Sullie J. lurks towards his opus, not even batting an eye.

Jess T.


A chance Reddit encounter led our team and Jess Triska to join forces and further elevate the legitimacy of our mod and development team. Having spent over a decade in game design--either independently programming an engine, modeling and animating, or waxing about advanced game theory--Triska brings a level of experience few can match. He is a great asset to the team, and his close attention to detail means he is also an asset for the artists he channels and for the players that get to gaze at the glory of his custom modeling work.

Jeremiah L.


Our secret asset, Jeremiah Larson was introduced to the team through Laramie Carlson. Having spent many hours at LAN parties, J.Lar was inspired to start making models of his own. With his experience in modeling industrial and run-down objects, he brings a much sought-after talent that shows itself in the immersiveness and realism of his models.

Cody P.

Web/Graphic Design

Having worked with the team before on projects from Kurtfest to Hootenannies to our literary magazine Open Mind, Cody Paulson has always shown a keen eye for all things design. His local snowboard collective--Jambox Shred Gear--has been hand-making t-shirts, hats and stickers for winters and summers, and the sleek logo has been known to pop up here and there, in-game and out. His mastery is evident in the pages you are looking at right now!

Laramie C.


A local legend, Laramie Carlson has been documenting the music scenes of Duluth for years now, building up a substantial collection and a reputation unmatched. He has set himself out on quests to find the perfect textures and references for the levels to keep the authentic vibe consistent, while also lending his photography to the blank and bloodied halls of the campaign.

Glenn M.

Poster Design/Printing

Founder and owner of the infamous local printing and recording label known as the Automaton Records Media Conglomorate, Glenn has years of experience designing posters for his own shows as well as community events. For Left 4 Duluth, he lends his eye and his printing studio to paper Duluth in posters and also in-game with his music--the most brutal folk songs you've ever heard.

Troy N.


A long-time collaborator with Joe--with music and in-game--Troy knows his way around Valve's SDK. This, coupled with his extensive gameplay experience will help smooth out AI issues, gameplay tweaks, wonky bugs, and keep the excitement cranked up. Both Eveleth natives, word is that the pair has a follow-up project to Left 4 Duluth in the final stages...

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